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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Makhosi Mahlangu
Makhosi MahlanguAfrican Food RevolutionItaly

Am fortunate to be part of a group of over 40 scientists including not less than 10 food scientists. We are from different parts of Africa. We are a group which intends to use disruptive thinking to develop the food sector in Africa. Our goal is to build rural entrepreneurs who are the future of food production systems in Africa. We are food revolutionists who are using 2 basic methods as our foundation for food processing in Africa that is heat and fermentation techniques. Most of the members have done their Food Science degrees in Italy which is considered the modern pioneers of the modern food industry. The same development techniques used by farmers in Italy can easily be used on the African continent. A lot has to be done to drive the food industry in Africa and feel that basic food processing techniques should be at the fingertips of all rural food producers in Africa. Our group is called the African Food Revolution and our activities can be viewed on our website which is It is imperative that we use passion, intuition, novel technologies and basic food processing techniques to fully exploit the African food market and create wealth and employment in food production platforms.