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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Lazarous  Ng`ambi

Having grown up in an environment were all food products are bought and never involved in the actual production of these agriculture produce, got me thinking ON how expensive it is providing food for those people living in towns especially if you are bread winner of a family. It is from this view that I see an opportunity for business and consider to venter in (agriculture).

One English phrase says an apple does not fall far from its tree, so I have been. I have grown up in the city and the only form of activity done is schooling after which we start chasing after jobs. I do not know if this is the modern African way of life. My guardians little did they talked about agriculture and if they did it was so negative.

Why then do I want to venture into agriculture?

It is an area I feel passionate about that I can contribute manful to my nation and Africa at large were food security is concerned. In addition to this I will learn more in there are of research as it would be easy to conduct research on my farm.

Why am I not starting early?

Politics, Politics! In Zambia in some areas to get the land it’s very difficult as one has to have a political affiliation for easy access of land. Little support is given to the youth and not having faith in them.