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Re: Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems

Alwin Kopse
Alwin KopseFederal Office for AgricultureSwitzerland

Dear members of the FSN Forum,

I am truly impressed by the interest and constructive debates sparked by the v.1.0 draft “Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems” over the past three weeks. This last week in particular has seen increase in discussions among different Forum members, adding greatly to the global dialogue around food systems. I would therefore like to express a big Thank You to all contributors, both on my own behalf as well as that of the entire One Planet Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme.

The online consultation is now closed. As a next step, we will do an in-depth analysis of all feedback received and do our best effort to integrate all pertinent inputs in the document. In this context we may get back to some of you to expand on specific issues or in case there may be a need for clarification.

In addition, kindly note that the document is scheduled to be presented at the upcoming 2nd global conference of the SFS Programme, taking place on 5-7 February, 2019, in San José, Costa Rica.

The final version will be shared with you all on this platform.

Best regards,

Alwin Kopse
Deputy Assistant Director-General
Head International and Food Security Unit
Federal Office for Food and Agriculture FOAG, Switzerland