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Re: Development of a Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention

Aliyu Idris Muhammad
Aliyu Idris MuhammadBayero University, Kano, NigeriaNigeria

I am glad to be part of this discussion. Well from an African perspective, I believe FLW can be addressed through the processing of such foods by natural means (drying). Most African countries are blessed with abundant sunlight. Such free energy can be utilized to dry foods that are driable which can be later used for human consumption or incorporated into animal feed. This method can minimize microbial spoilage, reduced the weight and bulk volume of the food for easier handling. Subsequent handling operations such as size reduction (cutting or grinding) can be done to facilitate its utilization as animal feed or raw-material for animal feed formulation.

Another way in which FLW can be minimized is the collection of excess foods from the source (farm) process them into concentrates (as in the case of fruits) or functional foods.