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Re: Development of a Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention

Cephas Taruvinga
Cephas TaruvingaConsultantZimbabwe

I think also there should be guiding principles or measures to be implemented by service providers (those outside the supply chain) who offer services to supply chain actors. Especially those who offer services or supply  equipment/tools/pesticides to producers/farmers because usually producers do not have complete information about a product or a service being promoted or offered. For instance, I have seen farmers using sub-standard hermetic bags or a none-calibrated moisture meter. In both cases, it is not the fault of the farmer if the technology she uses fails and losses occur. If certain principles or standards guide the supplier of the technology or service, this can limit the acquisition by farmers of a substandard technology that cause losses. Upstream the story could be different because the chain actors are more informed, and most post-harvest services are provided inhouse. Even then, services providers outside the supply chain get contracted like storage fumigators who are expected to follow certain principles. So in some ways, some key service providers outside the supply chain should be guided by certain principles, and these should be included in the CoC