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Re: Mainstreaming gender for sustainable soil management

Md Zahangir Hossain
Md Zahangir HossainUniversity of NewcastleAustralia

Sustainable soil use and management are very much important for improving soil health and quality. To maintain, soil health we need to involve all stakeholders such as producers, consumers and the processing industries. I think everyone can contribute to sustaining soil management as well as soil quality. As we all know the slogan 'Fresh soil, Fresh food'. Therefore we can consider these options: 1) create awareness among the rural people (especially men) for sustainable soil use, management, and conservation (including soil fertility and health) and gender equality; 2) increase wage for women labour (specially in developing countries); 3) motivate the family leader (men) to encourage women to spend money independently in the resilient farming; 4) recycling organic wastes as fertilizer; 5) utilization of marginal biomass to produce biochar (at low temperature) as novel C-based fertilizer;  6) promote reforestation & aforestation in the degraded land; 7) application of women-friendly rules and regulations by the state/country.