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Re: Towards the establishment of an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture

Fidelis Eyoh Ukume
Fidelis Eyoh UkumeAfrican Development BankCôte d'Ivoire

1. What are the potential entry points for government to address challenges and foster the development of digital agriculture?

The Digitalisation Council can have on its mandate to work with the WTO and other like-agencies to ensure trade facilitation in the buying and selling of goods and services for agric tech. I think this point can fall under infrastructure or remain as a stand-alone point.

2. How can the establishment of the Digitalisation Council address the numerous barriers to adoption of these technologies?

To its principle of accessibility, ensuring visibility of the solution it proposes should be a high priority. The Digitalisation Council should strive to ensure farmers across the world know about its role and how they can benefit from its activities.  

3. Do you think that the roles identified for the Digital Council are suitable for facing the agrifood systems challenges outlined above?

Another possible role under the policy and regulatory framework that can be taken up by the Digitisation Council is the role of advocating globally for the reduction in the cost of specific agric technologies so this can benefit poorer countries. A similar strategy as those used by the Global Fund to renogotiate prices for life-saving malaria, TB or HIV drugs so that patients from poorer countries can afford.  Advocacy for the reduction of prices can therefore be targeted such that the reductions only benefit the poorer countries.