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A broad view of the G77 and China about the South - South and Triangular Cooperation

Rome Italy 07/06/2017

The Group of 77 and China - Rome Chapter, invited in its Plenary of June, Mrs. Marcela Villarreal, responsible for the implementation of FAO’s innovative strategies on partnerships with the private sector, civil society, academia and research institutions, meant to present a Conference: "SSC Alliance and solidarity among equals for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals".
In order to follow up on the presentations given year after year at the G77 and China Forum on South - South and Triangular Cooperation, the current President, Ambassador of Venezuela, Elías Eljuri, took the floor recalling that "both South-South (SSC) and Triangular Cooperation (TrC) have proven effective in creating jobs, building infrastructure and promoting trade in countries across the global South. They seek to boost a broad framework for collaboration among developing countries and offer a complementary model to the traditional relationship between donors and recipients".
Mrs. Villarreal presented experiences and initiatives currently being developed, as the case of China and Uganda, on aquaculture, horticulture and "agribusiness" in the amount of 5 million dollars and Brazil and Angola, amounting to 3 million dollars, that allowed the training of 100 researchers in the area of veterinary and rehabilitation capacity of agriculture. The presentation of Mrs. Villarreal was well received by the plenary.
South - South cooperation is a window to the world that allows us to jointly overcome the differences.