General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Training workshops on the GFCM Regional Repository of national legislation


With 21 countries and over 20 languages spoken in the region, national legislation on the conservation of living marine resources and ecosystems varies greatly.


On 6 April 2021, the GFCM launched GFCM-Lex, an online repository for fisheries and aquaculture legislation in the Mediterranean, that will serve as a tool to facilitate access to legislation for fishers, policy makers, researchers and the general public as well as harmonize national legal frameworks.


On this occasion, the GFCM will host two training workshops for national stakeholders in Tunisia and Turkey. These workshops will allow participants to learn how to use the regional repository, contribute to it and raise their awareness about existing national legislation and GFCM decisions addressing the conservation and management of marine living resources and ecosystems in the Mediterranean region.


Turkey Tunisia
Training workshop of the GFCM-MAVA project towards a region-wide legal framework for the conservation of Mediterranean marine living resources and ecosystems (GFCM-Lex) Atelier de formation du projet CGPM-MAVA relatif à un cadre juridique régional pour la conservation des ressources biologiques marines et des écosystèmes en Méditerranée (GFCM-Lex)
06 April 2021 at 9 am (Central European Time)

07 avril 2021 à 10h (heure d'Europe centrale)

The working language of the workshop will be Turkish. Simultaneous interpretation from/into English and Turkish will be available. L’atelier se déroulera en français.



Agenda (EN | TR) Ordre du jour
Information note (EN | TR) Note d’information


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