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Policy measures taken by governments to reduce the impact of soaring prices
(as of 11 July 2008)


   [Jun 2008] Increased durum wheat purchase price to DZD 4 500 per quintal from DZD 2 100; soft wheat to DZD 3 500 per quintal from DZD 1 950; barley to DZD 2 500 per quintal from DZD 1 500. The sale price to millers will be DZD 2 280 per quintal for durum, DZD 1 285 per quintal for soft wheat and DZD 1 550 per quintal for barley.
   [May 2008] Reduction from 18 to 5 percent in the rate of VAT levied on a range of basic imported foodstuffs and other goods deemed essential. These included staples such as wheat, sugar, rice, salted fish, baby food and household products such as soap.
   [May 2008] Egypt has opened its ration card system until June 30 and doubled the amount of rice that card holders receive. Egypt had not added to the ration card registry since 1988. A total of 55 million people out of Egypt's population of 75 million are covered by the system. The card holders are allowed to buy 2 kg of rice (double the amount previously allowed) in addition to 2 kg of sugar, 1.5 kg of oil, and 50 grams of tea per person every month for EGP 15.
   [June 2008]  Extension of rice export ban until April 2009.
   [May 2008] Government to import 150 000 tonnes of wheat for state subsidized distribution scheme etc.
   [May 2008] Excise duties and tax on oil and fuel are removed for the country's fishermen and subsidies on fertilizer and free tractors are to be available for farmers.
   [May 2008] Eliminated all import duties on rice, wheat, yellow corn and vegetable oil.
   [May 2008] Up to 270 000 tonnes of duty free maize imports from South Africa to be allowed.
   [Jun 2008] Removes sales tax on rice and bread.
   [Jun 2008] Funding to be increased for expansion of strategic grain reserve from 4 to 8 million bags of maize in the next two years.
   [Jun 2008] Reduces import tax on wheat to 10 percent from 35 percent.
   [May 2008] Ban on all kinds of food exports.
   [May 2008]  Implementation of a Special Plan of Intervention for the next six months, including distribution of inputs and credits to farmers.
   [May 2008]  Reduction of import taxes on cereals.
   [May 2008] Tariffs on rice import are suspended for 6 months.
   [May 2008] 339 400 head of cattle to be distributed to at least 600,000 families by 2012.
   [Jul 2008] Raised farm price of white maize to USD 14 per 50 kg bag from USD 8.