Global Soil Partnership

  • awareness raising
  • soil biodiversity
  • capacity development
  • soil information and data
  • soil erosion
  • soil fertility
  • soil governance
  • soil pollution
  • soil salinity
  • soil organic carbon

Awareness raising

Advocating for healthy soils

World Soil Day and the International Year of Soil

GSP adopts a systematic awareness raising campaign on how soil relates to people’s everyday lives not only as part of the World Soil Day and the International Year of Soils but also as a sustained long-term outreach/engagement programme. 

Glinka World Soil Prize and King Bhumibol WSD Award

The Glinka Prize is addressed to individuals or organizations committed to solving acute problems of soil degradation. The WSD Award is a recognition tool for individuals or institutions that have made an effort to organize successful WSD celebrations. 

Communication campaigns

International Year of Soils 2015

World Soil Day 2016

World Soil Day 2017

World Soil Day 2018

World Soil Day 2019

Prizes and Awards

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Glinka World Soil Prize

Edition 2020 - Nominations open

Are you a dynamic change-makers against soil degradation? All GSP Partners are invited to nominate individuals or organizations. Winner will be rewarded with a medal and a USD 15 000 check.

Compile the call for nomination and send it to the GSP Secretariat by 30 September 2020

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World Soil Day Award

Edition 2020 - Applications open

If you organized an exciting World Soil Day event for the campaign 2019 'Stop soil erosion, Save our future', don't miss the chance to compete. You can win a medal and a check of USD 15 000.

Compile the call for application and send it to the GSP Secretariat by 30 September 2020

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Soil biodiversity contest

Send your photos and time lapse!

GSP highlights the importance of protecting mega/macrofauna and meso/microfauna through high-definition pictures or videos. Winners will be rewarded cash prizes of USD 500.

Don't forget to complete the form and send it to the GSOBI20 by 30 June 2020

In action

Keep soil alive

Keep soil alive for biodiversity

World Soil Day 2020

The communication campaign under the slogan 'Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity' draws attention to the global issue of soil biodiversity loss and the urgent need for collective efforts for a food secure future.

Symposium on Soil Biodiversity

2-4 February 2021, FAO headquarters

The Symposium will provide evidence to support actions to protect soil biodiversity and promote its sustainable management by addressing the causes of loss and enhancing the implementation of sustainable practices at all levels.


Global Soil Doctors programme

Farmer-to-farmer training

The programme provides soil doctors with training, educational material and soil testing kits to build capacity on the principles of soil science and promote the practice of sustainable soil management at local and national level.

Contests and exhibits

Soil erosion from the space

Soil erosion from the space

The role of man as a cause and solution

The exhibition showcases erosion and land-use change as a driver of erosion. Eight satellite images captured by the European Space Agency show the dramatic effect of erosion from space.

Video contest

Farmers' talks

Video contest on soil erosion

Farmers, NGOs and the civil society have much to say on how to 'Stop soil erosion'. Their short reportages draw attention on the global issue of soil loss and the urgent need for collective efforts.

Photo challenge

Greening the future

Social photo challenge

For WSD, GSP challenged children, teens, young people, and adults worldwide to cover the soil and take a step to #StopSoilErosion. Planting local species is an easy way to fight erosion.