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Global Symposium on Black Soils

The International Symposium on Black Soil (ISBS18) will take place in Harbin on 10 - 12 September 2018.

The Symposium aims to promote the sustainable use and management of black soils and identify relevant research gaps within countries with black soils. The Symposium will build the Concept note and Framework of International Network of Black Soil (INBS) to consolidate the members of INBS for future cooperation, and action plans for sustainable development of black soil with a focus on soil organic carbon, soil nutrient management, and soil health and soil erosion. This will be done, by the establishment of a global status report of black soil, the establishment of a good practices database and the implementation of efficient management practices. With this bold action, the organizers are pursuing the benefit of unlocking the many values of this black treasure in agriculture.  

After the symposium, the main symposium output will be a policy-oriented document based on scientific evidence showing the pathways toward soil sustainable management (SSM) implementation and highlighting success stories and technological innovations in black soil regions. The document will provide specific recommendations for adopting, upscaling and supporting SSM. The symposium is expected to serve as a platform for enhancing collaboration and synergies to move SSM forward and achieve implementation in black soil region countries of the world. 

The Symposium will feature internationally recognized keynote speakers and presenters, networking opportunities, interactive sessions, and visiting long-term black soil experiment station. The concept note provides more information on the objectives, themes and main questions that will be discussed during the Symposium.

Please, note that there is no registration fee and participation in the symposium is free. 

Experienced researchers and professionals with well-developed expertise in related disciplines are invited to register through this link.

For any enquiries regarding ISBS18, you are most welcome to contact the organizing committee at this email address Yuxin.tong@fao.org

10 Sep 2018
- 12 Sep 2018
Harbin, China