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The Glinka World Soil Prize honors individuals and organizations whose leadership and activities have contributed, or are still contributing to the promotion of sustainable soil management and the protection of soil resources.

The Glinka Prize is a an annual award for dynamic change-makers dedicated to solving one of our world’s most pressing environmental issue: Soil Degradation.


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The Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly (GSP PA) gathered for its fifth annual meeting from 20 to 22 June 2017 at FAO headquarters in Rome. Representatives of the different partners and members to FAO discussed the work plan and priority GSP activities for 2017-2018. Over 200 participants from 65 countries joined the high-profile event during which Ms. Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy Director-General, Climate and Natural Resources said “The GSP Plenary Assembly is a unique, neutral and multi-stakeholder platform to discuss global soil issues, to learn from good practices, and to deliberate on actions to secure healthy soils for an effective provision of ecosystem services and food for all". She added that "action at the country level is the new frontier".


Experimental in nature, interdisciplinary by definition, it challenged how an exhibition can be made out of dirt


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Soil pollution, due mostly to human activities that leave excess chemicals in soils used to grow food, took centre stage at the 5th Global Soil Partnership (GSP) Plenary Assembly held at FAO headquarters this week.

Excess nitrogen and trace metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury can impair plant metabolism and cut crop productivity, ultimately putting pressure on arable land. When they enter the food chain, such pollutants also pose risks to food security, water resources, rural livelihoods and human health.


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The Fifth Plenary Assembly (PA) of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) will be held from 20 to 22 June 2017 at FAO headquarters in Rome. It will be the occasion for member countries, GSP partners and observers to review and prioritize GSP actions while facilitating a fruitful regional decision-making process.

While the official notification to interested partners has been delivered through established channels, the agenda and all documents of the 5th session of the GSP Plenary Assembly are now available for online consultation.

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