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Inception workshops of the project “Capacity Development on Sustainable Soil Management for Africa”

Uganda project: Wednesday 27th January 2021

Rwanda project: Thursday 28th January 2021

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A farmer applies fertilizer ready to plant potatoes in Musanze, Rwanda. ©FAO/Teopista Mutesi

GSP in collaboration with the FAO representations in Uganda and Rwanda, South South and Triangular Cooperation Division (PST) of FAO, Embassies of China to Uganda and Rwanda, and national partners in terms of ministries of agriculture, soil institutes, soil laboratories and universities have launched two projects to strengthen national capacities on sustainable soil management (SSM) to improve food security through increased agricultural productivity and nutrition. The projects are financially funded by the People’s Republic of China through the South-South Cooperation framework aimed to share development solutions from the South to developing countries that have been tested and proven effective.

In Eastern Africa, agriculture is one of the most important sectors. Soil fertility in this region is declining at an alarming rate due to unsustainable practices that lead to the degradation of soil properties. Current fertilizer recommendations need to be revised taking into account the status of soil fertility, cropping systems, plant nutrients requirements and the economic aspects of fertilizer inputs. The objective of the project is to develop capacities on Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) in Uganda and Rwanda through South-South cooperation, within the framework of the Global Soil Laboratory Network (GLOSOLAN) and the International Code of Conduct for Sustainable Use and Management of Fertilizers (the Fertilizer Code). The implementation of this project will benefit the population in Uganda and Rwanda by improving soil health, which will directly contribute to the achievement of food security within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Achievements of the workshops:

  • Launched the projects of Capacity Development on Sustainable Soil Management for Africa in Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Cleared the challenges and achievable solutions on soil fertility and fertilizer management in Africa focus on Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Presented and discussed the implementation plan and further upscaling of the projects.
  • Strengthened consensus and cooperation among partners and related organizations.

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