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Register your WSD 2015 event

Are you planning to have an event on soils? Giving a lecture to students ? Put your event on the WSD map and help us build soils awareness!


For WSD 2015, a high level event will be organized on the 4th of December (as 5th is a Saturday) at FAO headquarters in Rome. This event will also formally mark the closure of the International Year of Soils. This will also be the opportunity to present the main outputs of the IYS and also launch the Status of the World’s Soil Resources report. International events will also take place in all FAO regional offices, as well as national events.

Make sure you check the WSD page regularly as it will be constantly updated with new campaign material and information.


World Soil Day 2014

The first official World Soil Day celebration occurred on the 5th of December 2014, with activities carried out in more than 80 countries. Highly diverse groups from kindergarten and elementary school students to university graduates, museums and soil institutions It was also the opportunity to launch the International Year of Soils with events organized by the Secretariat in Rome, New York, Bangkok and Santiago. Campaign materials suited to this type of event were developed and shared with various networks and social media.WSD organizers shared photos of their national which were put together in the first World Soil Day photo gallery !