Global Soil Partnership

Report of the fourth GSP Plenary Assembly and adopted Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management

The Draft Report of the recently-concluded Fourth Session of the GSP (23-25 May 2016) has been drawn up in consultation with the Rapporteur appointed by the Assembly, Mr Thomas Reinsch (USA), and cleared by the Chairperson, Dr. Mahmoud Alferihat (Jordan).

The Secretariat would appreciate receiving any feedback Partners may have on the draft, including any proposed changes by Monday, 11 July 2016.


In a nutshell, the main outcomes of this Plenary Assembly were:

  • The adoption of the Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management, which are now submitted to the 25th session of FAO’s Committee on Agriculture and the 155th session of the FAO Council.
  • The work of the Regional Soil Partnerships was highlighted and a call to all partners to support the execution of regional activities via the Regional Implementation Plans was launched.
  • The establishment of the Glinka World Soil Prize.
  • The support to the execution of Global Implementation Plans, particularly Pillar 4 and the establishment of the Global Soil Information System.
  • The plan for celebrating World Soil Day 2016 and the theme for World Soil Day 2017 “Caring for the planet starts from the ground”
  • Appreciation for the ITPS work and approval for ITPS workplan 2016-2017.
  • The interactions and joint activities with IPCC, SPI-UNCCD and IPBES was acknowledged. The extension of term for ITPS member from two to three years was supported.
  • It recommended to develop a resource mobilization strategy to enhance the Healthy Soils Facility.


Download the endorsed Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management

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