Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean



Honduras provides organic products to more than 26 countries

International consumers are becoming increasingly demanding - they not only want improved quality and flavor in their products, they also want to [...]

Costa Rica expands its supply of differentiated foods

The study “Challenges and opportunities for the supply of differentiated foods in Costa Rica” confirms that the country's food supply has become [...]

Mexico is confirmed as the tenth largest food producer in the world

The agricultural sector is the country's third highest exporter, following behind the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Some 800,000 Nicaraguans to Benefit from Improved Land Management

800,000 Nicaraguans will benefit from improved legalization, titling and property registration services.

Mexican beekeepers: no support and no honey

The Beekeeping Product System of the Lagunera Region continues to request support and a solution for the lack of resources in order [...]

Nicaragua has enough food to end malnutrition

A FAO study shows specific data that Nicaragua is the Central American country with the greatest quantity of grains and legumes available [...]

A project in Honduras assesses the positive effects of land titling on livelihoods in poor households

The second phase of the Land Administration Project in Honduras (PATH II) involved a study to determine to which degree supporting the security [...]

A decentralization project boosts capacities in 262 Salvadoran municipalities

In collaboration with the central and municipal administrations, the Local Government Strengthening Project (PFGL) in El Salvador has contributed to improving the [...]

Nicaragua: Investments to boost agricultural productivity

Despite the wealth of resources in Nicaragua, the country is experiencing low productivity of small and medium agricultural producers. This is due [...]

Recognition of women’s rights – key to sustainability of fishing resources in Costa Rica

An initiative of female mollusk collectors in the region of Chomes, Costa Rica, has drawn international attention for it has achieved institutional intervention [...]
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