Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


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Origin labelling of food a boost for local economies and sustainable development

From Moroccan saffron to Cameroonian pepper, FAO-EBRD study highlights the multiple benefits of geographical indication labelling
Tilling soil in Senegal

Focus on helping field workers cope with the heat

FAO calls for increased labour safety for difficult and dangerous agricultural and forestry jobs
Forest Tent Caterpillars

Global Convention adopts new measures to stop the spread of plant pests

The International Plant Protection Convention approves standards on fruit flies, heat and chemical treatments, surveillance, wood packaging
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Positive prospects for solar-powered irrigation systems

FAO offers guidance on how to make the most of innovation and guard against water waste
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Climate change could cause a migratory catastrophe, says the World Bank

A new study by the World Bank focuses on the displacement of entire communities directly linked to the effects of climate change. [...]
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Rural women, one of the main focuses of the UN

The Commission highlights the need for greater opportunities for political, economic and social growth to advance towards gender equality.
Forests in Niteroi, Brazil

Urban forests help address pollution, climate change, and lack of water supply, says FAO

Forestry projects in Lima and Niteroi were highlighted by FAO on the eve of World Forest Day.
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Closing markets could negatively affect the fight against hunger

A report calls for facilitating food trade and migration to protect and boost progress in the face of poverty and food insecurity. [...]
People waiting at the water tank, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Global Water Forum affirms that water and food security go hand in hand

The Forum offered five days of debates with the participation of official delegations and companies from approximately 150 countries.