Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean



Panamanian onion producers do not comply with commercial regulations

Commercialized onions must have labels with the name and address of the supplier, category and size, net weight, date of harvest, and [...]
Woman removing seeds from dry chili peppers in San Pedro Atocpan, Mexico City

Mexico detects irregular chili pepper planting in Sinaloa

As chili pepper production in Southern Mexico is undergoing uncontrolled planting, the authorities are intending to regulate it.

Swiss company to invest millions in Nicaragua for the cultivation of passion fruit

The pulp of this fruit will be processed in Nicaragua and exported to the United States, Europe and Japan.
Man at work in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Panama prepares its "Agro Master Plan," investing USD $27 million

The project aims to raise the quality of public services specializing in improving agricultural productivity by strengthening the functional structure and technical [...]
Market in Puebla, Mexico

Mexico rejects the US proposal for agricultural sector

The proposal indicates that the US, Mexico and Canada would not be allowed to export certain products to neighboring countries during temporary harvest [...]
Traditional Mayan Market day in Chichicastenango, Guatemala

50% of the families in Guatemala do not have access to a balanced diet

These families bear a "triple load" as they include a malnourished child, an obese mother and a teenager with a micronutrient deficiency. [...]

A climate change-resistant variety of rice is presented Nicaragua

The variety is resistant to the rice delphacid and the rice hoja blanca virus - the main infestations plaguing rice crops.
Fire ablaze

Central America ready to fight fires

Honduras leads the training of the Mesoamerican region for environmental protection.
Haven of La Ceiba - Honduras

Honduras is the primary exporter of vegetables in Central America

“The volume of exports increased and we are the largest exporter in Central America"