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Shepherd in Sibiu, Romania

More Investment in Small-Scale Agriculture Needed

Less than a quarter of the financial needs of small-scale farmers in the global South are being met.

FAO and IOM boost cooperation on migration

The two organizations will chair the Global Migration Group
drone used in agriculture

Investments in technologies for agriculture have doubled since 2017

From robotics to data management, in 2017 there was a clear step forward towards new agrarian technologies worlwide.
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Dairy and meat lead 8% rise in food prices in 2017

Global food prices rose 8 per cent in 2017, led by sharp increases in dairy and meat.
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Urban farms 'critical' to combat hunger and adapt to climate change

Urban farms could supply almost the entire recommended consumption of vegetables for city dwellers.
Planting Woman On Farm, Africa

Gene editing: The key to food security in a warmer world?

Extreme droughts and floods threaten global food security. Scientists gene editing crops say they have the answer. But enviornmentalists are wary.

Does Modern Agriculture Hold the Solution to Hunger, Poverty and Climate Change?

What if we could boost the practice of planting cover crops between primary growing seasons, so that less topsoil and nutrients are [...]
Fields in Vietnam

Consensus grows: climate-smart agriculture key to Paris Agreement goals

The need is clear: large- and small-scale farming and ranching operations worldwide contribute significantly to global carbon emissions.
Poultry Farm in the US

USDA withdraws welfare rules for animals certified 'organic'

USDA said it's concerned the rules will stunt innovation and growth of the organic industry, which reached $47 billion in sales in [...]