Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Tilapia farming in floating cages in Vietnam

Panama helping subsistence farmers boost tilapia production

Approximately 20 to 30 metric tons of tilapia are consumed annually in Panama
Coffee productionnear Cerro Negro, Copán, Honduras

Coffee output in Honduras poised to shake up market

It overtook Ethiopia as the third-largest arabica producer last year behind Brazil and Colombia.
Collection of ramón seeds

Better organized communities for more sustainable forests

A World Bank project aims to support communities in forest areas of Mexico to improve their organizational capacities.
A girl protects herself from the strong heat

Central America Weakens Forest Shield Against Future Droughts

“We work together with farmers because we want them to adapt to climate change, establish improved pastures, and change their mentality"
Christmas trees

Sales of Mexico-grown Christmas trees boost rural economy

National Forestry Commission (Conafor) specialist, Silvia Murillo Cardoza, discussed their market value and profitability
Nicaraguan coffee

National Coffee Sustainability Platform Launches in Nicaragua

The platform has been initially joined by some 35 organizations related to the sector, including growers, cooperatives, exporters, academic institutions, service providers and [...]
Mexican Peppers

EU and Mexico make big push for trade deal

An upgraded deal with Brussels will offer Mexico leverage against Trump as he threatens to tear up NAFTA.
Vegetable crops in Jalisco

“Innovation makes Jalisco's countryside more sustainable”

Jacobo Cabrera, President of the Agricultural Council of Jalisco, highlights the use of technology in the diversification of crops.
Harvesting rice in Malacatoya, Nicaragua

Kopia-Nicaragua Center forecasts a 30% increase in productivity in rice production

The new center implemented two projects to improve rice and tomato crops; two additional projects will be initiated next year focusing on soy [...]
Bud sprouting from the soil

Soil, a diverse ecosystem: moving towards cleaner, more productive and sustainable agriculture

Researchers and UNAM graduate students look for microbiomes in the rhizosphere to promote this ecosystem.