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75,000 hectares of damaged crops reported in Bolivia

Agricultural Insurance compensation is 1,000 bolivianos per crop for total losses or over 60% of damaged crops.

New investment to boost ethanol in Bolivia

Sugarcane crops are expected to increase by approximately 18,000 hectares, for a total of around 155,000 hectares by 2025.
Young woman in Bolivia

Bolivia's indigenous women cope with climate change

Government agencies and NGOs collaborate to empower Bolivian women to take on a greater role in their communities.
2012 rains in Bolivia

Bolivia declares state of emergency amid intense rainfall

More than 8,000 families have been affected by heavy rains. The weather forecast shows rain will continue to affect much of Bolivia [...]

INIAF confiscates 7.5 tons of illegal seeds in Bolivia and announces greater control

Facing the entrance of illegal seeds, the state entity will reinforce controls in various areas of the department in order to prevent [...]
Child walking down the street in Potosí, Bolivia

Bolivian government invests in the Potosí productive sector

This is part of the Territorial Economic Development with Inclusion project, which has provided support to the area since 2013 with an [...]
Andean locals milk a cow in Baja, Altiplano, Bolivia.

High Andes milk production at risk

An institutional effort is being made to promote milk consumption in Bolivia, which would contribute to the Bolivian population's nutrition, rural development and building [...]
Woman working with flour in Brazil

Brazil and Bolivia debate about production and sales along the border

The workshop will be held next week with the goal of contributing to strengthening family farming and trade between the two countries.  [...]
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