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Photo of the leaders of the Mercosur in July of 2017

Agreement on EU/Mercosur trade deal ‘edges closer’

"There is a 50% chance that EU commission will have an agreement on Mercosur by July".
hand against the glass

Conflicts in agriculture have resulted in 71 deaths in 2017 in Brazil

An organization that fights for farmers' rights reports an increase in violence in recent months.
Image of the mission in Brazil

Brazil: Facilitating small producers' access to markets

The Sustainable Rural Development and Competitiveness Project in Ceará, Brazil, strives to increase producers' capacities and open the door to markets. A recent [...]
Cow mouth

Brazil to reinforce surveillance of the Venezuela border for foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks

The last record of the disease was on April 14, 2006 in Japora, a municipality located on the border between Paraguay and [...]
Young boy takes a drink of homemade cocoa in Brazil

Chocolate forests: Can cocoa help save the Amazon?

These crops could help mitigate the effects of clear-cutting that has ripped some 430,000 square kilometers from the Amazon rain forest since [...]
Mother and son harvest lettuces in Brazil

Brazil subsidized loans for the 2018/19 agriculture program will reach US$ 58bn

The government’s farm program offers subsidized loans to finance agricultural commodities and make investments such as in silos and agricultural machinery.
Fields of wheat and soybeans

Latin America stands to benefit from the global trade war

Trump's tariffs help the Asian giant in its goal of strengthening ties with countries in South America where it invests heavily in [...]
Satellite image of the Caribbean

Eleven Caribbean Ministers of Agriculture go on tour

They seek to improve access to technology and food cooperation for their countries, in a mission led by Manuel Otero from Argentina, [...]
IICA headquarters

IICA bridges the gap between the Caribbean and Brazil to improve agriculture

"We want to help ensure a healthy diet and improve the nutritional conditions in the world," stated Caio Rocha, Secretary of Food [...]
House in a rural area of the State of Paraná, Brazil

World Bank notes advances in social programs in Brazilian agriculture

World Bank representatives confirmed advances and benefits in the affected communities in the State of Paraná.
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