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FAO and MERCOSUR agree on a new cooperation strategy to fight hunger and poverty

The Regional FAO Representative formalized an agreement that will provide technical assistance to countries in the common market during the Summit of Heads of State in Mendoza.

Julio Berdegué, Regional FAO Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean

During the MERCOSUR Summit of Heads of State, Julio Berdegué, the Regional FAO Representative, formalized a new cooperation strategy that would enable the provision of technical assistance to countries in the common market.

“The MERCOSUR countries have made huge progress in reducing hunger in the last few decades,” Berdegué commented.

“However, we cannot forget that nearly half of those who suffer from hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean are citizens of South America,” he explained during the summit in Mendoza.

According to the strategy agreement, the MERCOSUR countries will work together with FAO to promote actions contributing to the eradication of hunger, malnutrition and rural poverty.

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