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Cuba increases the amount of land provided to beneficial owners

Cuba gives priority to the agricultural sector, according to economic and social guidelines, the baselines for sustainable agriculture and the 2030 development strategies.

Farmer with his yoke of oxen, Vega de Palma, Camajuani.

Julio García, Cuban Deputy Minister of Agriculture, stated that over one million hectares of land have been given to beneficial owners in virtue of the decrees established with that objective.

García was referring to the current state of Cuban agriculture, including the challenges for technicians and professionals in the sector, specifying that there are 390,000 producers in the country that are currently managing land for fruit production without harming the environment.

Idalmis Nazco, President of Actaf, indicated that 16 cooperation projects have been initiated since 2014 for a total of $8 million, financed by international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and others, and that they are currently working on 11 new programs for the upcoming period.

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Photo Credit: lezumbalaberenjena (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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