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Southern Cone


Bad weather in the Southern Cone is extremely detrimental to wheat production

Various factors are compromising wheat production, which may end up with much lower results than those anticipated for this season.

Wheat field

The climate is not favorable for regional wheat production this season. It is still uncertain how much the supply will drop as compared to the last harvest. The combination of dry weather and frosts has hit Paraná in Brazil, the main wheat producer state in the country, and Paraguay, which has been a major provider of quality wheat in recent years. The dry weather has also affected the crops in Rio Grande do Sul, although to a lesser degree.

The Secretary of Agriculture of Paraná reduced the 2017/2018 wheat production estimate from 3.064 billion to 2.82 billion tons, which is a 19% decrease from the previous harvest. Paraguay was also affected by the combination of a decrease in seeds sown, a delay in planting, dry weather, and frosts. The producers' associations have indicated that they are experiencing major losses, although there is still no official estimate.

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