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Brazil and Bolivia debate about production and sales along the border

The workshop will be held next week with the goal of contributing to strengthening family farming and trade between the two countries.   

Woman working with flour in Brazil

A technical workshop will be held on November 7th and 8th in Puerto Suárez, Bolivia, in preparation of the next meeting of the Bolivia-Brazil Bi-national Integration Committee. The meeting’s main objective is to establish the foundations of a vegetable and legume production program in Bolivia, with sights set on reinforcing the production of family farming and trade between the two countries.

Studies will be presented during the event, including: the "The fruit and vegetable import scenario in Brazil: opportunities and opening for the Bolivian market," "Cross-border food supply in Corumbá and Puerto Soares - Brazil and Bolivia," and a presentation on relations and international trade agreements between Bolivia and Brazil.

Organized by the Bolivian Embassy in Brazil and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the workshop will also receive support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Participants include José Kinn Franco, Bolivian Ambassador in Brazil; Raimundo Santos Rocha Magno, Brazilian Ambassador in Bolivia; and FAO representatives Alan Bojanic, from Brazil, and Crispim Moreira, from Bolivia. Representatives of the Brazilian and Bolivian governments will also attend the workshop, in addition to specialists, technicians and rural producers.

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