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Public policies and institutional frameworks for family farming in Latin America

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A series of studies conducted in eight different countries in 2015, which complements the edition published in 2014 and edited/updated by IICA in 2016 with the title “Public policies and family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean: balance, challenges and perspectives.”

This new publication on family farming analyzes the current reality and considers future perspectives of family farming in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Venezuela. 

This edition suggests guidelines for actions to be developed in the next few years, including formulating and implementing policies focused on the different types of family farming in each country, taking into account social, economic and political conditions, as well as relevant, current initiatives and experiences. The purpose is to contribute to improving the living conditions of families in the family farming sector, promoting food security in these countries, investing in the conservation of natural resources, forests and the environment in general, while encouraging support for youth to study and work in the rural environment.

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