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More Uruguayan farmers better prepared for climate change

The World Bank is providing financing to help 3,900 Uruguayan farmers be better prepared to face climate change.

Farmer in Uruguay

Over the next four years, another 3,900 Uruguayan farmers will be better prepared to face climate change thanks to additional financing approved today by the World Bank Board of Directors.

With these new resources, the Project for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Adaption to Climate Change (DACC), approved initially in 2011, will benefit a fifth of farmers and cover more than half of arable lands in the country. Specifically, the project helps these farmers strengthen their productive capacity, integrate practices for sustainable natural resource management, increase resilience of agricultural production systems to extreme weather events, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the agricultural sector. The additional financing is for US$ 42 million.

“This is good news since it will enable the strengthening of the strategic objectives begun with DACC, which involved the adoption of an approach prioritizing the adaptation of agricultural systems, but without ignoring the co-benefits that this generates in terms of productivity and emission reduction,” said Tabaré Aguerre, Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishing of Uruguay. “The project is in line with the Ministry’s priorities, which seek to consolidate the integrated approach applied in recent years and which promote the sustainable use of natural resources as well as the comparative advantages of the agri-food sector.”

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Photo Credit: Photo by Libertinus (Peludos) via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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