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Argentina's dry weather returns, drops soybean estimate

The early planted fields have crops that are finishing the growth stages, awaiting the beginning of the harvest in the coming weeks.

Soy crop in Argentina

The Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange has dropped its Argentine soybean production estimate.

Farmers in Argentina are now expected to produce 51 million metric tons of soybeans, in 2018, below a September estimate of 54.0 million metric tons on a total planted area of 44.4 million acres.

In different regions of the country, the situation varies. Nearly 34.6% of the fields are considered by the Exchange to have a regular or bad condition, while 53% are under regular or dry prospects. Approximately 31.5% of the surface is at the stage that defines yields.  

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Photo Credit: Beatrice Murch (CC BY 2.0)

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