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Transformations in Cuban agriculture expected thanks to greater productivity

The Cuban economy requires modifications in the agricultural production sector and the food trade.

Camaguey Market

From 2008 to the present, more than 22 transformations have been implemented in the Cuban agricultural sector, the most significant being the provision of idle land with rights of usufruct.

Initially, about 2.5 million hectares of idle agricultural land were inventoried, around 40% of the country’s total agricultural area (6.2 million ha). By the end of the third quarter of 2017, approximately 1.8 million hectares were provided to individuals, through Decree Laws 259 and 300, benefiting 234,000 usufruct users and legal entities, in addition to approximately 213,000 hectares that were given to 3,200 productive entities.

To date, the provision of land is the most important structural transformation that have been applied to this strategic productive sector.

Nevertheless, there has not been an appreciable increase in agricultural-livestock production, a deficiency that is generally accompanied by an increase in prices in the retail market (except for products that have been assigned maximum prices in state markets and non-agricultural cooperatives).

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