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Central America ready to fight fires

Honduras leads the training of the Mesoamerican region for environmental protection.

Fire ablaze

Central America has a forest area of approximately 20 million hectares that is under threat of fire, especially during the dry season from February to May. According to statistics from the Honduran Command for Ecosystem Support and Environmental Management (C-9), over 35,000 hectares of forest were affected by 853 fires in 2017 in that country alone.

To reverse the trend, in mid-January 2018, Central American soldiers participated in the first joint training course to fight forest fires. The International Fire Management Course trained 126 military members of the Conference of the Central American Armed Forces (CFAC according to its acronym in Spanish) from January 15th-26th.

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Author: Kay Valle/Diálogo
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Photo Credit: Serge Saint (CC BY 2.0)

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