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New investment to boost ethanol in Bolivia

Sugarcane crops are expected to increase by approximately 18,000 hectares, for a total of around 155,000 hectares by 2025.


The Bolivian Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Bolivian Fiscal Oilfields and the Federation of Private Employers of Santa Cruz signed a memorandum to launch the biofuel project that will prevent the importation of gasoline for approximately 400 million bolivares (about 60 million dollars) in the first year. President Evo Morales said that with the project not only the sugarcane sector wins, but all Bolivians win.

The anticipated impacts include incorporating ethanol into the energy matrix, promoting the energy security policy through a gradual reduction of fuel imports, reducing the subsidy for substituting imported gasoline with ethanol, guaranteeing the fuel supply, and strengthening the relationship between the private sector and the State.

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