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World Bank states that climate change will displace 17 million Latin Americans

Approximately 4 million agriculture-dependent Mexicans would be affected.

Community of displaced citizens in Manrique, Medellín

By 2050, 17 million Latin Americans may be forced to leave their homes. This is one of the conclusions of the new report published by the World Bank entitled "Groundswell: Preparing for Internal Climate Migration."

The international organization warns that if measures are not taken, climate change will lead to water scarcity and lower crop productivity, which would force the displacement of almost 4 million people in Mexico and Central America. Susana Adamo, one of the editors of the report, told RFI that "we are taking into account the number of people in these two areas that are directly dependent on agriculture, which is significant, and the climate impact will be stronger among that population and those with fewer alternatives to agricultural activity, which will inevitably lead to emigration if there are no other options where they live."

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