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Increase in rice production harvest in Cuba

Experts insist on focusing on continuing this upward trend.

Horse grazing by a rice field in Santa Clara, Cuba

Lázaro Díaz Rodríguez, Director of the Rice Technology Division in the agricultural business group, reported that, "since 2016 the program has been recovering and over the last 12 months, 255,000 tons (t) of rice were harvested, over 190,000 t for the state commission, and projections are even greater to reduce imports."

Apparently the investment process upwards of 370 million pesos for technology improvements, field transformation teams, an irrigation system, and roads will reach its completion with the start of the fifth stage of the Vietnam - Cuba Rice Project over the next few months.

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Photo Credit: lezumbalaberenjena (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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