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The Province of Jujuy, Argentina, seeks for added value in the cultivation of quinoa

The Added Value Pilot Plant for Quinoa and Andean Crops was recently inaugurated.

Quinoa field in Jujuy, Argentina

In the town of Posta de Hornillos in Jujuy, Argentina, Gerardo Morales, the governor of Jujuy, inaugurated the Value Added Pilot Plant for Quinoa and Andean Crops. This achievement will benefit 200 agroecological producers in the region and will condition the grain to be suitable for human consumption.

In his speech, Morales acknowledged the importance of the plant and its facilities, as well as the work being done there. "The government ratifies the commitment to continue working in this direction to strengthen quinoa production." He added: "As long as we support infrastructure such as water wells and irrigation facilities, we will improve production, along with the price and quality of life of our producers and, consequently, their productivity."

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Photo Credit: FAOALC (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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