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Mexico wastes 20 million tons of food per year

The Mexican government, through Semarnat, is collaborating with a work group to design guidelines to counteract this problem, with support from the World Bank and WRAP.

Throwing out food

Nearly 20 million tons of food are wasted per year in Mexico, which could generate 400 billion pesos in revenues if they were to be reused, stated Jorge Carlos Hurtado Valdez, Semarnat's Undersecretary of Environmental Promotion and Regulation. He also said that in order to combat the problem, it is necessary to have the tools to measure its magnitude, since "only then can decision-making be supported in the public and private sectors and in society in general in order to reverse these figures released by the World Bank."

He added that, according to the study presented by the World Bank, food waste in Mexico reaches approximately 20 million tons per year, which would generate revenues of over 400 billion pesos in the market.

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