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Getting agricultural supplies on time, the great challenge of the Nicaraguan crisis

Agricultural distributors are wondering how to get their products to farmers if there continue to be tanks and citizen protests in the streets.

Citizens of Nicaragua line up outside a local clinic

Agricultural managers and agrochemical distributors consider it a great "challenge" to transport their products to the different productive areas of the country due to the tanks out on the roads as a result of the political crisis in Nicaragua.

"There are enough supplies in both the fertilizer and agrochemical industries. The problem is distribution. The crisis has already affected the distribution of products, as it's been difficult to move between the warehouses and the most important parts of the country," said Mario Hanon, a member of Anifoda. Hanon argued that there is a risk that the total cultivated area may decrease because of this crisis, forcing companies to keep unused shipments of supplies.

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Author: Manuel Bejarano | María José Martínez Rocha
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Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo by Maria Pinel/ CC0 Creative Commons

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