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Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean
Citizens of Nicaragua line up outside a local clinic

Getting agricultural supplies on time, the great challenge of the Nicaraguan crisis


Agricultural distributors are wondering how to get their products to farmers if there continue to be tanks and citizen protests in the streets.

Woman in Cuba

Argentina and Cuba anticipate an increase in trade


Marcos Peña, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, traveled to Cuba accompanied by the Coordinator of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency with the aim of bringing the two nations' positions closer.

Woman and child in Haiti

IICA and the IDB explore joint work in family farming


"There is a possibility of intensifying connections to implement projects in Haiti, in vulnerable regions of Central America, such as the Northern Triangle and the Dry Corridor, and in Northeastern Brazil."

hand against the glass

Conflicts in agriculture have resulted in 71 deaths in 2017 in Brazil


An organization that fights for farmers' rights reports an increase in violence in recent months.

Fruit fly

The first treatment center for commercial agricultural production to be installed in Peru


"All the food that leaves Junín will arrive safely throughout the entire country, we will eliminate the likelihood of it carrying harmful microorganisms."

Hand cutting and field packing celery

Future of Latin American agriculture depends on technology in order to compete on a global scale


"The future of agriculture depends on the adoption of all available technologies in order to be competitive."


Mexico intends to export more bananas and pork to China


The Ministry of Agriculture of Mexico said that exports of new pork products will reach around 20 million dollars in the first year.

Irrigation system

A national plan is launched to triple the total irrigated area in Argentina


The country's irrigated area is currently around two million hectares; the goal is to reach six million by the year 2030.

Small Cuban market

Cuba and Belarus explore possible cooperation in the field of agriculture


The heads of agriculture of both countries discussed the prospects of cooperation at a meeting in Minsk

Market in Guatemala

The challenge of promoting responsible investment in agriculture and food systems in Guatemala


A total of 25 actors from the public and private sectors and civil society participated in a meeting focused on evaluating responsible investments made in the Guatemalan agricultural sector.