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Common Oceans - A partnership for sustainability in the ABNJ
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BBNJ Capacity Development in the Context of Climate Change

Side event at the 2nd Session of the Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ)
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Addressing the need to reverse the trend of declining stocks of billfish species in the Western Central Atlantic Ocean

The Caribbean Billfish Management and Conservation Plan - a key output of the Caribbean Billfish Project
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Leading marine scientists and tuna industry representatives meet at FAO headquarters to discuss 10 years of bycatch mitigation research

International Workshop on Mitigating Environmental Impacts of Tropical Tuna Purse Seine Fisheries co-hosted by ISSF and FAO
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BirdLife South Africa invited partners to Global Seabird Bycatch Assessment Workshop

For first-ever estimate of seabird bycatch from tuna longline fisheries in the Southern Hemisphere

The Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction Program (ABNJ) – often referred to as Common Oceans – is a broad-scale, innovative approach to achieve efficient and sustainable management of fisheries resources and biodiversity conservation in marine areas that do not fall under the responsibility of any one country.


  • Sustainable management of tuna fisheries & biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable fisheries management and biodiversity conservation of deep-sea living marine resources & ecosystems
  • Ocean Partnerships for sustainable fisheries and biodiversity conservation
  • Strengthening global capacity to effectively manage ABNJ

Latest Documents

Deep-ocean climate change impacts on habitat, fish and fisheries
Category: Deep Seas & Biodiversity
Type of document: Technical papers
This publication presents the outcome of a meeting between the FAO/UNEP ABNJ Deep-seas and Biodiversity project and the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative. It focuses on the impacts of climatic changes on demersal fisheries, and the interactions of these fisheries with other species and vulnerable marine ecosystems. Regional fisheries management organizations rely on scientific information to develop advice to managers. In recent decades, climate change has been a focus largely as a unidirectional forcing over decadal timescales. However, changes can occur abruptly when critical thresholds are crossed. Moreover, distribution changes are expected as populations shift from existing to new areas. Hence, there is a need for new monitoring programmes to help scientists understand how these changes affect productivity and biodiversity.
Learning from experience: case studies of area-based planning in ABNJ A review of area-base
Category: Deep Seas & Biodiversity
Type of document: Reports
A number of analyses have been undertaken to inform the development of a methodology to support application of cross-sectoral area-based planning in areas beyond national jurisdiction by parties to Regional Seas Conventions and their Secretariat. This report constitutes one such analysis and explores four case study regions in which area-based planning has occurred in areas beyond national jurisdiction: Eastern Central (EC) Pacific; Mediterranean; North East (NE) Atlantic; and Southern Ocean. The four case study regions demonstrate a variety of different contexts and methods for area-based planning in areas beyond national jurisdiction.
Side Event on BBNJ Capacity Development in the Context of Climate Change Leaflet
Category: Stregthening Capacity
Type of document: Miscellanea
This Side Event addresses possible modalities for capacity development on the other three major emphases of the BBNJ Agreement—area-based management (ABMTs), environmental impact assessment (EIAs), and marine genetic resources (MGRs), taking into consideration the possible impacts of climate change.

Upcoming Events

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25 March 2019 - 05 April 2019 UNHQ, New York
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