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E-Agriculture Strategy Guide


Development of an Enhanced Production and Risk Management in Agriculture Integrated Decision Support System (EPRiMA)

Philippines is exposed to multiple hazards which include periodic typhoons, tropical cyclones, floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides, forest-fires and pandemics. This project is expected to increase resilience against multiple-threats to the agriculture sector in the Philippines.

Agricultural Extension Modernization Myanmar

Myanmar has seen little contribution of the extension service in the increase of agricultural productivity. The lack of a sustainable extension support system is perceived as important contributing factors. The project objectives are: A sectorial review report and recommendation on use of technology to strengthen Myanmar extension service and a project proposal aimed at developing a sound and smart agricultural extension system for agricultural development.

Development of Agricultural Diploma Education in Bangladesh

Enhancing crop productivity – dealing with the dimension of availability - is one key to securing food security in Bangladesh. Application of innovative demand-based technologies will help meet the challenge; the extension services are critical for the take up and adaptation of such technologies.

Strengthening the e-agriculture environment and developing ICT-mediated agricultural solutions for countries in Asia-Pacific

This project addresses the challenges that impede the deployment of appropriate ICT for agricultural development solutions at large scale. By adopting a holistic approach the project focuses on working with governments to not only develop their national e-agriculture strategies but also to support them in developing and implementing some of the high priority ICT for agriculture solutions/services identified in the strategy.

Strengthening the e-agriculture environment and developing ICT-mediated agricultural solutions for Papua New Guinea

The Government of Papua New Guinea has requested FAO to provide technical support for continued capacity development for integration of ICT solutions in agricultural development and for the implementation of pilot/demonstration activities to further feed into the strategy development and finalization process.

Supporting Aquaculture Resources Mapping and Development Planning Through ICT-based Solutions

This project would develop and pilot an online mapping and registration system for aquaculture resources, and develop business plans and regulations for the selected pilot areas. It would also help develop more appropriate and effective business plans and regulations that would take advantage physical and socio-economic suitability of aquaculture production areas.

Establishment of Drone Academy and Farm to Market Road Validation and Monitoring System

Precision agriculture (PA) is defined as a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to crop variability. The rise in usage of precision agriculture was brought about by the development of satellite-based remote-sensing technology and the advent of global navigation satellite system (GNSS).