Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific


Guyana is the world’s largest producer of Atlantic seabob, a commercially important shrimp captured from the Atlantic coast of the US all the way down to Brazil.

FISH4ACP aims to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Atlantic seabob fisheries in Guyana, where local demand, especially in the hospitality sector, is expected to rise as a consequence of emerging oil and gas production.

The Marine Steward Council certification obtained in 2019 will help to consolidate the position of the sector on international markets and facilitate access to new ones.

In Guyana, seabob is fished by industrial trawlers and by artisanal fishers. Industrial landings are processed into frozen, peeled shrimp to supply both local and international markets, making seabob Guyana’s most important seafood export.

Seabob landed by artisanal fishers and bycatch of commercial value, including white belly shrimp, are processed into dried and smoked products or sold fresh on local markets.

FISH4ACP will work to increase small scale fisheries production in the sector and strengthen the role of women and youth, while seeking to improve safety and workers’ rights. At the same time, it will support efforts to reduce bycatch, in particular of endangered species, such as the electric ray.