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Peru regulations

General requirements for import

General law of health No 26842: Provides general requirements for food imports, sets sanitary standards and provides guidance on the inspection of imported food.

Supreme Decree No 007-98: Sets general hygiene standards, health conditions and requirements, and other standards related to marketing, preparation, and sale of food for all food imports. The Decree also establishes procedures for imports, regulations for the border inspection as well as and food safety measures and sanctions.

Legislative Decree No 1 290 (28 December 2016): Aims to establish preventive systems to guarantee food safety, to improve administrative procedures, and to strengthen sanitary surveillance and inspection. It also regulates fishery and aquaculture products in all phases of production.

Law No 30063 (7 July, 2013): Sets general requirements on food safety of fish and fishery products in order to guarantee public health.

Resolution No 409-98: Regulates inspection programs for canned, frozen and cured fish.

Additives, contaminants, antimicrobials and residues

Supreme Decree No 007-98: Provides guidance about additives in foodstuffs, which are permitted to be added to food sold in Peru, their standards and their maximum levels.

Law No 30063 (7 July, 2013): Provides guidance about residues of veterinary drugs and contaminants, their standards and their maximum levels.

Microbiological and organic criteria

Ministerial Resolution No 591-2008 “Regulation about microbiologal criteria for food safety and quality for foodstuffs and beverages for human consumption”: Provides guidance about the microbiological maximum limits in foodstuffs of aquatic animal origin.

Labelling and packaging

Supreme Decree No 007-98: Provides guidance about labelling and packaging requirements.


Supreme Decree No 007-98: Provides guidance about hygiene control for imported food and establishes a system of responsibility for recall, in terms of both specific measures and procedures of reporting to the relevant administrative organs. This system allows all importers to recall specific products and also outlines a traceability system for all seafood products.

Legislative resolution No 30591: Aims at combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, thereby promoting the sustainability of global fisheries.

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Last update: 13/08/2018

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