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Guidance notes: Improving food security and nutrition in protracted crises

Guidance to implement the CFS-FFA

Operationalizing the CFS-FFA is a global priority for FAO under its Strategic Programme 5, “Increasing the resilience of livelihoods to threats and crises”. In July 2016, FAO started developing a series of Guidance Notes on key areas of its work in protracted crisis situations.

The Guidance Notes draw on FAO specialized technical expertise, experience, and knowledge base in the fields of agriculture, support for food security and nutrition, and reducing rural poverty. They cover topics as diverse as analysis and information, gender, land-related issues, nutrition, safe access to fuel and energy, social protection and youth migration, in order to raise awareness of the CFS-FFA, whilst supporting FAO staff and partners in specific areas.

Each Guidance Note explores the role of the topic in the context of protracted crises, and its relationship with the principles of the CFS-FFA. It highlights key messages for decision-makers, provides concrete examples from FAO work, outlines potential practical interventions in protracted crisis situations, presents future perspectives, and lists key resources and tools for further learning.

The illustrations and examples of FAO work include both well-grounded practices and more recent initiatives. Together they show that joint efforts and combined interventions, the use of development approaches adapted to crisis situations, and people-centred initiatives which take agriculture and food security as entry points to sustaining peace and transformational change, can have a significant impact.

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