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Global Early Warning – Early Action Report on Food Security and Agriculture

January – March 2018

The quarterly Global Early Warning – Early Action Report on Food Security and Agriculture monitors situations at risk for potential disasters and adverse impacts on food security and agriculture. Risks are categorized according to their potential consequence as either “high risk” or “on watch” so that preventive action can be taken. The Report provides consolidated, easy to read, country-by-country mapping and analysis of crisis situations such as conflict, drought, flood, plants and animals pests and diseases.

In the January to March 2018 edition, the following countries and risks are included:

  • HIGH RISK: Yemen (risk of famine due to accessibility restrictions and further disease outbreaks), Myanmar and Bangladesh (displacement and conflict), South Sudan (risk of famine due to armed conflict), Democratic Republic of Congo (localized conflict), Somalia (risk of famine due to prolonged drought) and Kenya & Ethiopia (drought)
  • ON WATCH: Nigeria – northeast (conflict), Afghanistan (conflict and dry spells), Madagascar - southern (worsening food insecurity due to consecutive below-average seasons), DPR Korea (economic impact of sanctions), Syria (conflict and restricted humanitarian access), Sudan (localized dry spells), Sahel (drought), Central African republic (intensified conflict affecting livelihoods and causing internal displacement), Mongolia (impact of drought and potential severe winter conditions), Africa - Fall Armyworm (further spread of Fall Armyworm) and La Niña (floods and cyclones)
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