Program of Brazil-FAO International Cooperation

CONTEST: Good practices of School Feeding Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin American and the Caribbean .
16-04-18 - 31-07-18

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Government of Brazil invite the Latin American and the Caribbean countries to participate in the Good Practices in School Feeding Programmes in the Region Contest, within the framework of the Brazil-FAO International Cooperation Programme. 

The contest will select, produce and publish a digital publication on Good Practices of School Feeding Programmes, reported by government managers or technicians at the national and/or municipal levels (managers of the Ministries of Education, Health, Agriculture and/or Social Development, such as nutritionists, technical assistants, school principals and school feeding councilors), by researchers from the academic community and by associations and/or individual family farmers. 

The goal is to give visibility to successful SSFPs experiences, share knowledge and stimulate the development of good practices in other countries. The selected experiences will be presented to a large audience and the winners will be awarded with a financial incentive (explained below) aimed at the purchase of kitchen utensils and/or equipment, a recognition plaque, as well as the participation in the award ceremony. The participants must send the documentation listed in this call for proposal in order to guarantee their application: report of the experience, small video and photographs. 

1)      Who can apply?
- Municipal/local governments, national governments, the academy/universities, parents associations and farmers organizations. 

2)      When and where the award will be given?
The award ceremony will take place in October 2018, during the event FAO is organizing to celebrate the World Food Day: the Week of Food and Agriculture. The event will have the presence of FAO’s Director-General. The country and the venue of the event will be previously informed. The winners will have the costs of their trip covered by the organizing project of the activity. 

3)      Which are the awards?

a) Honorable mention to all the winners.

b) Money prizes for the purchase of equipment and/or utensils for serving food in schools:      

USD$ 5,000 – first place

USD$ 3,000 – second place

USD$ 1,000 – third place 

c) Inclusion of the experience in a digital publication of good practices in school feeding programmes that will be produced in the framework of the Brazil-FAO International Cooperation Project. 

4)      In which categories can one participate?
The applicants can participate with one or more good practices in how many categories they wish to. The three best good practices presented will be chosen based on the evaluation of the committee formed to this end, in any of the categories listed below:

a) Food and Nutrition Education/school gardens

b) Social Participation and control

c) Alliances and strategic actions

d) Procurement from family farming for SFPs

e) Programme monitoring and evaluation systems

f) Food preparation and distribution

g) Management programmes

h) Other innovative experiences


5)      What is the calendar of the contest? 



Launch of the contest


Applications with submission of documents and videos

16.04 a 31.07.18

Analysis and validation of the testimonies


Results of the first eliminatory phase


Results of the classificatory phase


Award ceremony

 November (probable date).


6)      When can I apply?
Applications begin in 16/04/2018 and are opened until 31/07/2018.
The dates listed in the calendar of the present call for proposal can go through changes without previous notice. However, any change will be published with the new calendar.

7)      How to apply?

a) Each national or municipal government, university and association can apply to more than one thematic category;
b) It is necessary to fill the attached form with the information of the successful experience;

c) Each experience presented in the form must be followed by a small video (either the link where the video is published of the file itself can be sent) and pictures that show the experience;
d) Send it to the technical committee until 31/07/2018, in the email: [email protected] 

Important: The application will only be guaranteed if the participant send the form with the report of the experience, alongside with the video and pictures until the indicated limit date. 

8)      Who will evaluate the works presented?
A technical committee will be formed to this end and will count with members from FNDE, FAO and ABC. 

9)      Which are the steps of the contest?

  • Inscription of the experiences;
  • Preliminary analysis of the applications (if they follow the criteria);
  • Analyst of the pieces validated by the committee;
  • Selection and announcement of the 10 runner-ups; 
  • Selection of the 3 winners;
  • Announcement of the results and award ceremony. 

10)  To solve any doubts concerning this activity, please send a message to the following addresses: [email protected] or [email protected] or by the following phone number: +55 61 3038-2280, Brazil. 

11)  Application terms and conditions 

i. The form attached must be filled out in a computer.

ii. The good practices must have been implemented between the years of 2016 and 2017 (special cases related to the implementation dates will be analyzed).

iii. The main criteria will be sustainability in good practices.

iv. The video must be at least 3 minutes long. It is not necessary to be a professional video, however it is important to observe the following: quality of the image, quality and volume of the audio, background sounds, etc. The videos sent will be published in the future.

v. It is very important to identify all the pieces sent with the following information: country, department, city, name of the person who is sending it, name of the activity, date.

vi. The pictures sent shall be identified with name, city, country, date it was taken, name of the people in it and the credits to the photographer.

vii. The minimum size of the pictures shall be 420 pixels X 496 pixels.

viii. All the pieces must be sent to the email [email protected] until the date limit allowed.

ix. Countries from Latin America and the Caribbean can participate, except for Brazil, who is the cooperating country of the activity.

x. The forms in Word format can be requested at the email: [email protected] 

12)  Copyrights
FAO has the right to use the material sent, always respecting and giving credit to the authors.