Smart Territories Platform

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  • Sostenibilidad sistémica
  • Gobernanza
  • Cohesión social
  • Ordenamiento territorial
  • Resiliencia al cambio climático
  • Equilibrio rural-urbano
  • Producción agrícola
  • Emprendimientos rurales
  • Innovación rural

Over the past few years, the growing debate on how "territorial development" and "landscape" approaches can tackle poverty, food insecurity, climate change, and biodiversity loss has become well known. It is now more pragmatic to understand how these approaches materialize and operationalize in the field.

The Smart Territories Platform is a space for content and knowledge exchange. Through this platform, FAO aims to promote mutual learning between countries and strengthen capacities for the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies and tools at all levels.

An innovative element of the Smart Territories Platform is the systematization of territorial development and landscape experiences, which will be progressively expanded with the participation of countries.




An innovative virtual market platform, supported by the infoDev (World Bank) program, that connects farmers and buyers in the hospitality and restaurant sector.
The "Bioenergy Villages" project, in rural Gothinga, Germany, aims to promote local production of renewable energy in 120 villages in the region. Also known as the Gottinger lands, the focus is on renewable energy and climate protection.
Using a comprehensive approach, various institutions committed to these territories are looking for ways to achieve the well-being of the people by addressing nutrition through the valorization of local products.