The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

TAP-AIS project: Virtual trainings on AIS assessment in Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Eritrea

Between September and October 2020, training sessions on AIS assessment were organised in Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Eritrea by the country teams with support from FAO HQ staff. The AIS assessment training focused on building four main assessment blocks:

  1. Structural
  2. Functional
  3. Capacity
  4. Enabling Environment analysis.

The sessions were organised virtually, combining presentations and group work/exercises through which assessment team members could familiarise with main concepts of AIS, the different types of analysis and specific tools to be used during the implementation. Ten people in each country attended the training giving positive feedback. Follow up sessions will be organised in Eritrea on 2-5 November 2020 to provide more in-depth guidance on how to conduct the different analyses


Picture: Virtual training in Cambodia. 

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