Peuples Autochtones
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Indigenous Peoples Food Systems: the many dimensions of culture, diversity and environment for nutrition and health.

FAO, CINE, 2009

This book seeks to define and describe the diversity in food system use, nutrition and health in 12 rural case studies of Indigenous Peoples in different parts of the world as a window to global Indigenous Peoples’ circumstances. A procedure for documenting Indigenous Peoples’ food systems was developed .....

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Indigenous Food Systems, Agroecology and the Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure; a meeting between indigenous peoples and FAO

FAO, 2015

On the 2-3 February 2015, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations organized a technical meeting between indigenous peoples' representatives and FAO staff. This report includes the work plan based on the main suggestions made for how FAO and indigenous peoples can collaborate in the short, medium and long term. The report identifies concrete steps that can  .....

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Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems & Well-being; interventions and policies for healthy communities

FAO, 2013

Indigenous Peoples in cultural homelands of the most rural areas of developing regions experience challenges in using their traditional food systems and to ensure food security and health despite the treasures of food biodiversity that could support well-being. This book is the third in a series promoting Here we describe processes and findings from more than 40 interdisciplinary collaborators who created health promotion ....