Pueblos Indígenas

Today is #IndigenousWomenDay!

05/09/2018 - 

It’s has already been 9 months that we are promoting the #IndigenousWomen Campaign with the support of more than 90 organizations. 

We would really like to thank our supporters and invite you to continue spreading the word and making #Indigenous Women #VisibleWomen!

Today we have several activities ongoing. Please join us and share the message!

1.  Indigenous Women Day Commemorative activity, Santiago, Chile

Access all the details at http://www.fao.org/americas/eventos/ver/es/c/1151173/  

2. Press story (Global)

La exclusión laboral y política acorrala a las indígenas en tres continentes

3. Press story (Guatemala)

Recuperando hábitos alimentarios en Guatemala

4. Indigenous Women Video Message

Listen to them clicking here

5. Tweets





 6. Viotet Chair Initiaitve

A violet chair to give indigenous women a seat at the table